Restaurant étoilé l'Arôme - Paris 8

Menu for Valentine’s Day

Dinner on Monday 14th February 2022

239€ TTC par personne hors boisson

Chefs’s amuse-bouches

Smoke salmon with sesame seeds and wasabi grapefruit condiment


Koshihikari rice and shrimps coated with nori seaweed, cocktail sauce


« Perfect egg » with Japanese smoked vinegar

Corn espuma, cream of roasted buckwheat and black truffle


Carpaccio of sacallops, flavors kalamansi

Hazelnuts powder, bitter salad and avocado-sorrel condiment


Smoked mashed potatoes with seaweed butter, Oscetra Caviar

Sour cream


Blue lobster prepared in “binchotan”

Chestnut espuma with chartreuse verte, Seedless raisins


The milk-fed veal with black truffles

Jerusalem artichokes and carbonara style emulsion


« Neufchâtel » cheese with black truffles

Lettuce salad, truffled vinaigrette


Sweet citrus…

Cream mint flavors, kalamansi sorbet

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