Thomas Boullault

From Sologne to Paris

As he was born in an environment where good food is key, since his early childhood Thomas Boullault said he wanted to become a chef. In his native Sologne, he started his education to culinary art with Jean Marie Benni at La Ferté Imbault and learned the basics of French cuisine. Then, he worked in Romorantin alongside Philippe Valin, a Michelin-starred chef.
A few years later, Thomas Boullault seized the opportunity to come to Paris and took part in the reopening of the George V hotel. In this unique adventure, he worked hand in hand with Philippe Legendre, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, who was also awarded three macaroons by the Michelin Guide. There Thomas Boullault learned from this Master of French Haute Cuisine and developed his own skills.
He continued his ascent as assistant chef to Christophe Pelé at the Royal Monceau, where he felt the urge for a cuisine “d’instinct”.
In 2007, he took the plunge and became Chef at L’Arôme. He was only 28 years old and another two years later, he was awarded his first Michelin star.

A sustainable and committed approach to cuisine.

The Chef favours seasonable food in order to create a menu in line with the requirements of sustainable cuisine. He makes it a point of honour to carefully choose his producers and to adopt an eco-friendly approach to cooking.
Last but not least, his commitment is not limited to his producers. Indeed, Thomas Boullault’s clients are at the heart of his passion.
« A product is good when the producer sets himself high standards of production and precision. As chefs, we have to respect and sublimate these magnificent products. »

Generosity & Friendship

L’Arôme is a place where generosity and friendship are key words and where you will be provided with a memorable culinary experience with some of the Chef’s signature dishes such as “le pressé de tourteau”, the ‘surf and turf’ of blue lobster and beef, or the ethereal exotic vacherin.

Thomas Boullault’s cuisine

Mastering The Art Of Cuisine

Thomas Boullault has been improving his technique for twenty-five years in order to achieve excellence.
His cuisine is precise and brilliant, bringing elegance and delicacy to his creations. His experience and knowledge allow him to create and combine new and amazing flavours.

Juices & Generosity

Thomas Boullault’s cuisine is based on marvelous juices and sauces that the Chef and his brigade pay particular attention to.
He sees juices and sauces as a fundamental element of his cuisine. According to him, without a juice, a dish can never become a signature dish.
Thanks to his juices and sauces, the Chef wishes to share his generosity and his passion with his guests.