The Douchy Vegetables Gardens

The Douchy Vegetables Gardens are first and foremost a story of passionate people !

Upon his arrival at the Royal Monceau in 2003, Chef Christophe Pelé introduced his then second Thomas Boullault to Joël Thiébault. From then on, a story of shared passion but above all a story of friendship began.

Over the years, Joël Thiébault, who is famous for being the chefs’ favourite gardener and for having developed some vegetable gems, has exhilarated Thomas’s cuisine and inventiveness.
But then, in 2017, Joël Thiébault decided to sail away and retired.

This was a real shock for the chefs who would not only lose their best gardener but also miss the close relationship they had with him.

Thomas Boullault thus decided to set himself and the gardener a new challenge and start a new adventure!

The idea was to farm two hectares of land right in the middle of Thomas’s friend, David Abramczyk’s organic grounds. These lands were little developed in the Jardins de Douchy and Thomas and Joël would then have the opportunity to create and grow their own vegetables garden.

Coming up with and developing new high quality products, such was the project…

This is how Joël Thibault made Thomas Boullault’s dream come true: the Chef would have his own vegetables garden halfway between Paris and his native Sologne.